The province of Padua is a fertile land, thanks to the generous gifts of nature but also thanks to the ingenuity and commitment of those who work the land. The fruits of this union are excellent wines, meats, vegetables, fruit and cheese. Chefs and culinary experts preserve the traditional flavours and at the same time revisit them according to the most modern in taste sensitivity. Discover the food excellence of our land!

The centuries-old Paduan culinary tradition is rooted in the simple products of the courtyard and of the vineyard, in the "pole" of sausages, in seasonal fruits and, in some areas, in the wild herbs. In this section you can find an overview of our typical PDO and DOC products.



Barnyard products represent the royal family of the Paduan Gallina Padovanaoffering; the Paduan hen (Gallina Padovana), the Polverara hen, the capon and the duck represent a heritage that combines history, tradition and gastronomy.  The Paduan Hen is characterised by its thick tuft of long pointed feathers that protrude from its head. This hen once risked extintion but thanks to its unusual beauty was saved by several enthusiasts that continued to breed them.



VignetoLike the rest of the Veneto region, Padua  is a land of fine vineyards.  There are five areas that are recognised for the excellent quality of their production and whose product are marked with the Controlled Denomination of Origin or DOC label: the area of the Euganean Hills, the countryside around Bagnoli and Merlara, the Corte di Correzzola and the Riviera dle Brenta. Wines are celebrated in famous festivals which take place especially in Spring and in Autumn.

Olio di ArquàSince pre-Roman times  the cultivation of olives has left its mark on the Euganean Hills.
The Extra Virgin Olive Oil that is produced in the Euganean Hills area comes exclusively from the territory of the 15 municipalities that are under the protection of the  Euganean Hills Regional Park.
The colour of the oil is typically golden greenis and is  a delicate product, that is obtained by cold pressing techniques. It is  usually packaged unfiltered, after careful decantation.

RadicchioWinter offers two excellent products: the radicchio and the Montagnana ham.
Padua has a natural talent when it comes to producing chicory: all varieties of chichory are cultivated here, frin tge Varuegated Casterfranco Radicchio to the Early Red Treviso Radicchio, from the Red Chioggia Radicchio do the Red Verona one.  The smooth  bitter taste is exalted in risottos with radicchio, excellent recipe of the Venetian culinary tradition

Prosciutto Veneto Berico EuganeoIn addition to its beautiful medieval city wall perfectly preserved, Montagnana is also famous for its hams, a tradition that has its roots in the  rural traditions of the surrounding plain. The inhabitants of the historic town still proudly call this ham the 'Dolze' (the Sweet) of Montagnana.
The sweet taste, the tenderness, the pink colour and the unmistakable smell guarantee the delicacy of a product that is made with care  and recognised for the Protected Designation of Origin  DOP and the protection of  the Consorzio del Prosciutto Veneto Berico Euganeo, which is based in Montagnana. The third Sunday in May  don't miss the Ham Festival in  Montagnana Montagnana the feast of sweet ham.

AsparagoSpring offers excellent product as asparagus, of which the province of Padua is the main producer of both the white and green type. During his short appearance in springtime  asparagus is a widespread ingredient that is often used in a very simple manner.  Eggs and asparagus and risotto with asparagus are never absent from restaurant menus  family homes all over the province.

MontasioSummer is the time of cheese. In the surrounding areas of Padua particularly in the Northern areas, several varieties of cheese are produced. In the area of  the meadows of the River Brenta (ideal for the breeding of cattle), some types of cheese products are among the most sought after in our region such as GranaPadano, Asiago and Montasio.

The gastronomic excellence of Padua is now certified by the quality label Padova da gustare, and codified in the CHART OF EXCELLENCE of Paduan gastronomy, which establishes the criteria to guarantee the absolute authenticity, genuinity and traceability of Paduan food and wine. To view or download the PDF of the Chart of excellence open the attachment.


No holiday is complete without some food and drink ideas. In this section you can find the food specialties of the 4 main areas of Padua province: Euganean Hills, the South-West, Saccisica and Alta Padovana (Northern Part of the province).

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E.g., 18/09/2021